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Running Monterrey 12.3.1 and Finale 27.2 with sound going through Garritan for Finale. 

Randomly, but stubbornly, the playback becomes corrupted with extremely out of tune instruments (some of them). Once it starts, I can sometimes clear it by clearing all MIDI items from the Edit menu and then reassigning the sounds, as suggested through the help desk. At other times, it persists, even after a Finale restart and/or a computer restart. 

This is extremely annoying and makes the writing process horrific. There is surely some simple fix that Finale could make to the code so this stops happening. I've been on Finale since 1989, and this has NEVER been an issue before. 

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Not enough information.


How do you have it running — Native or over Rosetta 2?


When you installed 27.2, did you run the second installer for Garritan and Aria?


Do you have any 3rd party plug-ins or VIs installed?

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