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Running WINDOWS 10 and FINALE v.27

Pickup (partial beat) measures require a second separate and DISTANT (partial beat) measure to both add up to the number of beats in the Key Signature. FINALE keeps AUTOMATICALLY ADDING rests to the second separate measure in my document.  In my document, FINALE is constantly ADDING rests and modifying my note values to add up to a complete measure.  The measures in question are the first pickup measure (circled) and the last partial measure (circled) in my attachment to you. Where do I upload the two pages of my score I'm referring to?  Please comment on my issue as well.




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Since this forum software doesn’t allow Finale files, the best thing is to upload your file to Dropbox or something similar, and post a link.

You would normally handle the “short” measures by changing the time signature to whatever you require, while still displaying the original time signature. For the initial pickup, use the Pickup Measure command (in the Document menu.)

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