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When I input midi audio from Pro Tools, the audio playback doesn't use the full audio package. The sounds are first all in piano and then when update the midi audio settings, it's sort-of orchestra, but no-where as good as when I receive a score or create one from scratch in Finale. I've tried changing every setting and nothing works. Also, I have received a score that plays with full orchestra sounds and I have that score open with a modified version where I've typed and copied in information from mini input and now my update sounds bad as well. I can't figure out why it's not playing back audio correctly.



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Not really enough information. How are you setting up playback? MIDI or Audio? Mac or Windows? What OS? What version of Finale?


I will hazard some guesses:


I do not have AVID Pro Tools but it's possible that's where your issue lies. You may have to set something in the export preferences. Apparently, Pro Tools still does not support MusicXML export although there are 3rd party tools that can help.

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