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I PROMISE that is the last request for help in entering notes onto a musical score in real time - like Hyperscribe is supposed to do; I am looking for a alternative software package; I got this idea in that I recieved info from a participant in this community naming a such a package.

To reiterate my situation, I thave ried three different MIDI keyboards (checking to make sure that the divers were up to date) with not being able to remidy the lantency of approximately 1/2 second difference between the the when I press down a key on the MIDI device and when the note appears on the page - simultaneous - with the sounding of the note.

I am using a LG Gram laptop (less than 1 year old, with a Windows 11 operating system) with a KORG Midikey MIDI keyboard. 


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Ok… but you never answered some of my questions — and it's pretty important that you do.

Where does the sound come out? Is it your keyboard, your Win laptop, external monitors attached to an interface?

Show us your audio settings. What drivers are you using? What are your buffer settings? Is Finale competing with a gaming console and its drivers? It's easy to attach screen shots here in .jpg or .png. 

What is your metronome source?


I know that you are convinced the issue is Finale but many of us are pretty certain the problem is in your setup. What you are describing is not normal and none of us can see the problem till you show it to us.

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