In addition to the information in the user manual concerning HyperScribe recording ( look here for Windows | look here for Mac), here are some quick tips to help when recording with HyperScribe.

  • Make sure that Finale is set to play through MIDI (MIDI/Audio > Play Finale Through MIDI). This option can be switched back to Play Finale Through VST (Windows) or Play Finale Through Audio Units (Mac) after recording with HyperScribe.
  • Make sure Human Playback is deactivated when recording with HyperScribe (MIDI/Audio > Human Playback > None). Human Playback can be reactivated after recording with HyperScribe.
  • If you are experiencing latency with MIDI input, try lowering your buffer size in Audio Setup (MIDI/Audio > Device Setup > Audio Setup) to help mitigate the latency.
  • Make sure that quantization settings are configured to accommodate the type of music you are recording (MIDI/Audio > Quantization Settings). Quantization settings can be complex, but as a general rule make sure that you have chosen the largest possible value of the Smallest Note Value options (this depends on what note durations you need to record). For more information on quantization settings, check out this user manual article for Windows or Mac.