We know that sometimes purchasing a product is not as easy as "Oh hey, that looks like a great product." - you have questions! In this article you can explore some of the common topics about the purchase of our Garritan libraries.

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Pricing and upgrade paths for Garritan libraries

You can find a full list of our retail prices for Garritan libraries at our online store. However, you can also find our retail and upgrade prices listed below as well as the details for upgrade paths that we have available if you have purchased a previous version of a Garritan library.

Retail Prices

Click any of the products below to learn more about the library. All prices are in U.S. dollars.

Upgrade & Trade-Up Prices


Academic pricing availability

At this time, we do not have an academic discount available for any Garritan products. However, if you have a previous version of a Garritan library and would like to upgrade, we do offer reduced upgrade pricing for some of our libraries. Please view the Upgrade & Trade-Up Prices section above from more information.


Refund policy for Garritan products

Garritan products cannot be returned to MakeMusic for a refund. However, we can offer a refund within 30 days of your purchase if you are experiencing technical difficulties with the installation of your Garritan product and our technical support team has determined that there is a non-resolvable system incompatibility.


If you are experiencing technical difficulties with your Garritan library. Please contact Customer Success for further assistance.


Multiple credit card authorizations appear after purchase

When you click more than once on "Submit" to send in your order, the online order processing system may send more than one request to your credit card company for payment. What you are seeing are multiple authorizations, not actual charges. Each authorization is available for MakeMusic, Inc. to charge, but we only have a single order placed. When your order ships, your card will be charged a single time for the appropriate amount.


Each bank has its own rules as to how and when unused authorizations are removed. If you do receive a statement showing multiple charges from MakeMusic, Inc., please contact Customer Success and we will work with you to resolve the duplicate charges.


Transferring Garritan Licenses & End User License Agreements

Garritan licenses are non-transferrable except under specific circumstances (written consent from MakeMusic is required). For more information, you can find a full list of the End User License Agreements for our products here.


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