If you are unable to input chord symbols (using the Chord tool) via your MIDI keyboard, please note that this could be due to a specific MIDI message being sent from your MIDI keyboard that stops Finale from recognizing MIDI input properly.


The MIDI message is CC 88. high resolution velocity, and it can prevent Finale from processing input from your MIDI keyboard when inputting chord symbols. The following makes MIDI keyboards may be affected...

  • Casio Privia
  • Alesis
  • CME


To test if this is the reason you are unable to input chord symbols, try using your MIDI keyboard to enter notes using either Simple Entry or Speedy Entry. Please make sure that Use MIDI Device for Input is selected in either the Simple or Speedy menu, and that Allow MIDI Input is selected in the Chord when testing.


If note entry works with note entry tools and your MIDI keyboard, but chord symbol entry does not. You are most likely running into this problem. There is not currently a workaround for this issue; however, the issue has been reported as a program error.


If note entry is not working with your note entry tools, there may be a problem with MIDI connectivity. Please see this article for additional assistance.