Entering tuplets at the end of a measure can be tricky, particularly for users who enter notes and then try to convert them to tuplets retroactively. There are two ways to get around this issue.


The first option is to disable Finale’s command to check for extra notes at the end of each measure with these steps:


  1. Select the Simple Entry tool. The Simple menu appears.
  2. Go to Simple > Simple Entry Options… The Simple Entry Options dialog box appears.
  3. Make sure that Check for extra notes is unchecked.
  4. Click OK.


More details on this dialog box and what it does can be found here:


Another method is to enter only the first note of the tuplet, then use the 9 key to apply the tuplet automatically.


For more complex tuplets, type Alt+9 (Windows) or OPTION+9 (Mac). This brings up the Simple Entry Tuplet Definition dialog box:




From there, you can set the tuplet definition as desired. For more details on what this dialog box does, see the links below: