The following products are Universal Binary applications that can run natively on Apple silicon Macs as well as Intel Macs.

  • Finale v27.4 / v27.4.1
  • Garritan ARIA Player v2.001
    • To install this version, click here.
    • This includes both the standalone and plug-in formats.
    • All current Garritan libraries can be used natively on Apple silicon Macs with ARIA Player v2.001. (CFX Concert Grand / CFX Lite users see the section below.)

The following products have been tested on Apple silicon Macs via Rosetta and are considered compatible. Since they are not Apple silicon native applications, they must be used through Apple's Rosetta 2 technology.

  • Finale v26.3
    • This version is fully compatible on Silicon Macs via Rosetta 2 running macOS 11 (Big Sur) and 12 (Monterey), but it is not fully compatible with macOS 13 (Ventura) and newer.
  • Garritan ARIA Player v1.959
  • Garritan CFX Concert Grand and CFX Lite players
    • Although we do not have a timeline to share yet, there are plans to update the CFX players for Apple silicon compatibility in the future.
    • CFX users can alternatively use these libraries via the ARIA Player v2.001 in order to run natively on Apple silicon Macs, although there are limitations regarding the CFX features that the ARIA Player supports. (Concert Grand / Lite)

If you rely on third-party plug-ins and hardware while using Finale, it is recommended to check with the manufacturers of these products for their specific guidelines regarding Apple silicon.


Please follow this article to receive more information on this topic as it becomes available.


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