Certain microphone perspectives in the CFX Concert Grand (not available in the CFX Lite), have an issue where the Stereo Image for Audience and Performer are switched. This affects, in particular, the ambient KU100 microphone perspective available with all Mic Perspective categories.


From the Studio Page, select either the 01 Full > Player (Full), the 02 Compact > Player (Compact) or the 03 Notation > Player (Notation) Mic Perspectives.




The effects of this issue will cause the KU100 mic used for the Ambient signal to be reversed on the selected stereo image. So, when Audience is selected, the higher notes of the keyboard will sound to the right. When the Performer stereo image is selected the higher notes will sound to the left, the opposite of what would be expected.  


While there is no fix available in the player until a code update is offered, knowing that the two perspective are swapped should help to better achieve desired results. 


To utilize both the Ambient and Close mics from the Player Perspective optimally, you can use two instances of the CFX Concert Grand player with one single MIDI track sent to both of these. In one instance, set the Ambient KU100 soloed with the Audience Stereo Image on. And in the other, set the Close Mic soloed and the Performer Stereo Image on. This workaround is very effective but can use a considerable amount of computer resources on systems that are just within the CFX's system requirements.