MakeMusic OpenType fonts delivered with Finale are licensed under the SIL Open Font License (OFL) agreement. This license is a free, libre and open source license (FLOSS) specifically designed for fonts and related software. The fonts that are covered under this license are listed below.

  • Finale Maestro 
  • Finale Broadway
  • Finale Ash
  • Finale Engraver
  • Finale Jazz
  • Finale Legacy
  • Finale Maestro Text
  • Finale Broadway Legacy Text
  • Finale Broadway Text
  • Finale Ash Text
  • Finale Lyrics
  • Finale Jazz Text
  • Finale Jazz Text Lowercase


For details about the agreement and the fonts it covers, please see the attached OFL.txt document. For more information on SIL and the OFL, please click here


The font installers can be downloaded and installed with the MakeMusicFontsTT.pkg (Mac) and the MMFonts.msi (Windows) files attached here.