Finale and Sonoma Compatibility

On September 26, 2023 Apple officially released macOS 14 Sonoma.

With the release of Finale v27.4.1 in November 2023, Finale is now considered officially compatible with Sonoma. Previous versions of Finale (v27.3 and earlier) remain unsupported on Sonoma.

By default, Finale will automatically notify you of this update. You can also manually check for updates by choosing FinaleCheck for Update from the top menu bar:

Finale menu with


Sonoma users that own previous versions of Finale are encouraged to upgrade to Finale v27. You can also try it for free by downloading our 30-day free trial or read up on what's new in Finale v27.


Legacy Versions of Finale and v27.0-v27.3 with Sonoma

While v27.4 and v27.4.1 are compatible with Sonoma, users running previous versions of Finale will encounter issues that surfaced in Finale with Sonoma's release. In addition, the updates to v27.4 and v27.4.1 introduced fixes to multiple known issues affecting various Finale versions for Mac, as well as new features to improve the program.


If you intend to use an incompatible version of Finale with macOS Sonoma, we recommend perusing these guides for issues in Finale arising from incompatibility with Sonoma:

Note that these are marked "[RESOLVED]" because they were resolved in v27.4 and v27.4.1. The issues will continue to occur in incompatible versions of Finale on macOS Sonoma.

For a list of the issues that were fixed in v27.4.1 and v27.4, as well as a list of new features in those updates, check out the links below:

In order to be eligible for technical support, you must be running Finale v27 on a compatible operating system. Legacy versions and those running versions of Finale on incompatible operating systems are ineligible for technical support. 


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    Updated 9/27/23

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    Update 10/2/2023
    We are aware of an issues in Finale v27.3 affecting editing and adding instruments within the ScoreManager. For a workaround, please refer to the following article:

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    Updated 12/1/2023. With the release of Finale v27.4 on November 29, 2023, Finale is now considered officially compatible with Sonoma:

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