To troubleshoot issues with MakeMusic products, our support team may request a video demonstration of the problem. Native screen recorders like Windows’ Xbox Game Bar and Apple’s QuickTime have limitations, such as not showing dialog boxes and not recording sound. 


So we can better address our customers’ concerns, we recommend using Zoom, or a comparable application, to best capture the issue for our support team. If you prefer not to use Zoom, there are a number of free alternatives available and we suggest researching to find the best tool for you.


Disclaimer: MakeMusic is not a partner of nor affiliated with Zoom, or any other video service. Use of Zoom or other video services may require acceptance of a separate End User Licensing Agreement or Terms of Service with that provider. 


To use Zoom as a screen recorder, follow the steps below:

  1. Launch Finale.
  2. Launch the Zoom Desktop application. If you have not installed the Zoom desktop client application you can click here to download and install the software.
  3. If prompted, login to your existing Zoom account or sign up for a Zoom account if you do not have one. The Zoom interface appears.




  1. Select New Meeting. A new meeting window appears. A dialog box appears reading Choose ONE of the audio conference options.



  1. Select Join with Computer Audio. 
  1. Maximize your meeting window and click Unmute.



  1. Click Share Screen. A dialog box appears reading Select a window or an application that you want to share.



  1. Select the Finale application window, check the box for Share sound, and click Share. Finale appears and may be surrounded by a green border indicating that you are sharing your screen.



  1. Click Record. The Record Icon appears in your Screen Sharing Controls. If the option does not appear in your meeting controls select More (...) > Record.



  1. Demonstrate the issue you are experiencing in Finale.
  1. Click Stop Share. Zoom reappears.



  1. Click End and End Meeting for All. The meeting ends and a dialog box with a progress bar appears reading Converting Meeting Recording. Converting the recording may take several minutes.





  1. Once the recording has stopped converting, a Finder or File Explorer window appears with your meeting’s video recording (.mp4) . Attach the video (.mp4) file to your response email. You can attach your video file to this email if it is less than 20MB***


***If your video file is larger than 20MB then you will need to use a cloud service like Google Drive to share it with our team. You can use the Share a link to the file steps in Google's Share files from Google Drive Support article to send our team a link.