Since the release of macOS 13 Ventura (and continuing in macOS 14 Sonoma), we have been tracking an issue where file names will "float" in Finale at times. This can also happen in other applications on Mac computers using macOS 13 and later.


An example can be seen below, with the file name tag circled in red (note that the file name is going to be different in every case).


Title Appearing Capture.png


When does this occur? How can I make it disappear?

The floating tag will persist when...

  1. You are in a dialog box.
    • Dialog boxes are windows that appear within Finale beyond palettes and the score window, such as ScoreManagerExpression Selection dialog box, and more.
    • The tag will fade away when you dismiss the dialog box(es). See the GIF below for a demonstration of this.
    • NOTE: the Speedy Entry editing frame and HyperScribe frames count as dialog boxes.
  2. You hover your mouse directly over the floating title (outside of a dialog box).
    • While your cursor is on top of the tag, it will persist. If you move your cursor away and there are no dialog boxes to dismiss, it will disappear in seconds.

Title Appearing:Disappearing.gif


Why does this happen?

The issue relates to Finale's built-in Finder window, so the more you use it, the more it could happen.

  • If you find that this issue is happening to you enough that it is impeding your workflow, we recommend cutting down your use of Finale's built-in Finder window. One easy way to do this is to open Finale files from the standalone Finder application, rather than using Finale's Open option. Just find your files in the Finder app and double-click them to launch them (and Finale if it's not already open). 


Is there a permanent solution?

For now, we unfortunately do not have a permanent solution for this issue. Since the issue can affect any application that uses a built-in Finder window, you may see this happen in other applications like your browser or potentially a word processor application. It sadly happens to affect Finale more noticeably because Finale tends to use the built-in Finder window quite often for tasks such as opening files, saving files, loading libraries, choosing templates, etc. 


If you find that this is severely impeding your workflow and making Finale unusable, you may want to contact Apple Support to see if they can revert your operating system (macOS version) to the latest version of macOS 12 Monterey, since the issue did not occur in Monterey. Since this is a pretty drastic measure to take, we do not recommend pursuing this unless the problem is severe. Before pursuing an OS reversion, please review this guide thoroughly and try using Finale's built-in Finder windows as little as possible.