If the ARIA Player isn't showing up as an available playback device on Windows, you may need to point Sibelius to the folder containing the VST plug-in:

  1. Open the Playback Devices window (Play tab > click button below Mixer).
  2. Click Audio Engine Options.
  3. Click the Folders button.
  4. Click Add and choose the folder where the ARIA Player plug-in was installed (on Windows, this defaults to C:\Program Files\Garritan\ARIA Player\VST).
  5. Click OK, and click OK again.
  6. Click the Rescan button, and click Close.

The ARIA Player should now appear as an available device in Sibelius.


Note that there may be additional steps required in Sibelius to enable the program involving the use of a Sound Set. For more information about this feature in Sibelius, consult your Sibelius manual or contact Avid Support.