Distorted sound from the ARIA Player can indicate that either the buffer settings or the output device need to be adjusted.


Adjust the audio device or driver.

  1. Choose Tools > Preferences (Windows) or ARIA Player > Preferences (Mac).
  2. Make sure that the correct device is selected from the Audio Device drop-down menu.
  3. Windows only: From the Audio Device drop-down menu, select DirectSound (depending on your sound card, you may be able to use ASIO, MME or WASAPI).

For Mac users, make sure that you are using either CoreAudio or that you have your audio device selected and equipped with the latest drivers for this device and your OS X version.


Check your buffer settings in the ARIA Player.

  1. Choose Tools > Preferences (Windows) or ARIA Player > Preferences (Mac).
  2. Experiment with a different buffer size. This will vary depending on your computer's audio hardware, but generally, a larger buffer size results in a cleaner sound and a smaller buffer size results in lower latency.

If you are still experiencing noisy playback or if notes are not playing correctly, contact Customer Success.