Instant Orchestra offers users a choice for how to handle dynamic controls within the library. In its default state, Instant Orchestra will use Note Velocity to control volume, while other Garritan libraries use the Mod Wheel for volume and dynamics.


If you prefer the playback of the Instant Orchestra to be the same as the other libraries:

  1. Open the Aria Player.
  2. Select the Instant Orchestra patch that is too quiet.
  3. Click Controls.
  4. Turn on the Expression Switch.

This switch changes the mode of playback for the selected patch to be the same as other Garritan libraries. By using this switch for your Instant Orchestra patches, they should now sound as loud as the other libraries that you are using.

Please note that when turning this button on, you do lose the capability of velocity sensitive performance from your MIDI controller's keys. Also note that the Expression Switch is not available for the Blending Textures, as these patches use the Mod Wheel to fade between the instruments in that patch, and will use Note Velocity and CC#7 to control volume.