When Finale 2006 was first released, it was necessary to register the Garritan Personal Orchestra Finale Edition that came with it. Shortly after that time, two updates were created for Finale 2006 that remove the necessity to register this component.


You can download these two updates for free from our website here: www.finalemusic.com/downloads. On the Download Library page here, choose the appropriate choices for your product, version, and platform, and for the category, choose Updates. Click Search (you can skip the Name field). You will need to download and install these two updates in the following order:

  1. Finale 2006c (Windows) or Finale 2006d (Mac) Updater
  2. Kontakt Player Finale GPO Edition

Once you have downloaded each of these updates, you will need to decompress and run them both (in the order above). After both updates are installed, you should no longer be prompted to register your GPO Finale Edition.