The User Code is a computer ID that is used to authorize your Notation Product. Although the user code contains no personal information about you or your computer, each User Code is unique to a specific computer.

There are two places in the Authorization Wizard* to find the user code. One is in the Phone Authorization Window, and the second is on the last page of the Fax/Mail registration window. Of these two, the Phone option is easiest to find. To find the User Code, follow these steps:

  1. To start this process you will need to be in the Authorization Wizard inside the Notation Software. If the Authorization Wizard is not on your screen, from the Help menu, click Register/Authorize Finale to bring it up.
  2. In the Wizard, choose the Phone method of registration. In versions 2009 and later, the internet method must be attempted first before you can select the Phone method.
  3. After choosing Phone, hit the Next button to proceed to the phone registration page. At the top of this window you will see a place to enter your serial number, and below it your software registration user code.

*In versions 2006 and earlier, this wizard will be labeled as the Registration Wizard.