If you are receiving an error when running FinaleSetup.exe prompting you for additional disks with Finale, then there is a problem with the contents of the FinaleSetup folder. The error most often looks like this...



This means that one of two things have occurred.


First, it could have been that the file was not extracted or failed to extract properly. Third-party extraction software like WinZip, 7-zip, WinRAR, and possibly others, may not extract the files for Finale's installer resources properly. Since that is the case, it is necessary to use Windows Explorer's built-in file extraction utility. In some cases, it may be necessary to uninstall the third-party extraction software to utilize Windows Explorer's file extraction utility.


Please be sure that the first steps that you take in running the installer is to right-click the downloaded "FinaleSetup.zip" folder and choose Extract All. If you are using an extraction program other than Windows Explorer, please right-click the "FinaleSetup.zip" folder, choose Open with Windows Explorer, and click the Extract all files button in the window that appears (as depicted below)...


Windows 7


Windows 10



The second thing that could be causing the issue is that the .bin files in the installer have been altered or otherwise compromised. Please be sure that "FinaleSetup.exe", "FinaleSetup-1.bin", and "FinaleSetup-2.bin" are all in the same folder called "FinaleSetup" (no .zip) and that the .bin files are named "FinaleSetup-1.bin" and "FinaleSetup-2.bin".


If you are still running into the same error after following these instructions, please contact Customer Success