It is possible to copy markings such as expressions, articulations, or Smart Shapes from one staff to another by using the filter (Edit > Edit Filter), selecting the music to be copied, then selecting the destination measure, and pasting. For more on copying markings only, see: To specify what you want to copy (Win) / (Mac).


We are aware of an issue that occurs when copying markings from a standard staff and pasting them onto a tablature staff. Even though you are not pasting notes, the Lowest Fret dialog box will appear as though you were, and clicking OK in that dialog box will change the tablature notes.


In the image below, we attempted to copy just the markings (the articulations, Smart Shapes, and expressions) from the Acoustic Guitar standard staff to the Guitar tab staff, and the window appeared immediately after pasting.


Screenshot 2024-04-04 at 3.06.06 PM.png


To work around this issue, temporarily change the standard staff to a tab staff before copying:

  1. In your Finale file, select Window > ScoreManager or press CTRL+K (Windows) or COMMAND+K (Mac).
  2. Within the Instrument List tab, click once to select the staff with the standard notation.
  3. In the bottom right corner of the window, set your Notation Style to Tablature. The Tablature Staff Attributes dialog box will appear.
  4. Without changing any settings, click OK. The standard staff becomes a tab staff.
  5. Select Edit Edit Filter.
  6. Click None.
  7. Select only the markings you wish to copy and click OK.
  8. With the Selection Tool, select the measures you want to copy and press CTRL+C (Windows) or COMMAND+C (Mac).
    • For more on selecting music, see Selecting Music (Win) / (Mac).
  9. Click the first measure where you want the markings to be pasted and press CTRL+V (Windows) or COMMAND+V (Mac).
  10. Return to the ScoreManager, select the source staff, and reset your Notation Style to Standard. The music will revert to standard notation.