Finale products and macOS 10.12 Sierra

Updated February 21, 2017. Added link to instructions for resetting Finale's preferences.

Updated January 11, 2017. Information concerning Finale 2014.5 also applies to PrintMusic 2014.5 (Mac Only)


After testing our current Finale notation products (2012 - v.25) on macOS Sierra we have come to the following conclusions.


Finale 2014.5, and Version 25 are both supported on macOS Sierra with just a couple of expected issues...

  1. Resizing the tool palettes can cause them to display incorrectly. You can resize them to their original position by manually dragging the edges of the palettes or by resetting Finale's preferences.
  2. Using the SmartMusic Markers utility (Utilities > SmartMusic Markers) can crash Finale (not available in PrintMusic 2014.5).

Both of these issues have been addressed in an update of the Finale v.25 series; there will not be updates to the 2014.5 applications.


Finale 2014d does not experience the above mentioned issues on the Sierra operating systems. However, in past Mac operating systems, Finale 2014d has exhibited crashing when using tools that necessitate you select an item to add to the score (Expression tool, Articulation tool, etc.). There is no sign of this problem in our testing of Finale 2014d on Sierra, but it could behave unpredictably. If you are having issues with 2014d crashing, or with 2014.5's palettes or SmartMusic Markers, please contact our Customer Success team for more information.


As mentioned previously, the latest updates of Finale (Version 25) no longer exhibits any of the aforementioned issues. To learn more about Finale v.25, please check out the 30-day free trial.


Finale 2012, SongWriter 2012, and NotePad 2012 are not supported or compatible with macOS Sierra. While migrating the software over from a previous version of the Mac operating system (in other words, having them installed before updating) may keep them installed, we do not expect them to work properly on 10.12. We would expect you to experience issues like crashing on playback (trying to deactivate Human Playback [MIDI/Audio > Human Playback > None] may help with this), cut-off menu items, etc.


If you are having trouble running Finale 2014 - Finale v.25 on macOS Sierra, please contact Customer Success.