Windows users, please see: Compatibility with Kontakt 7 Player and Other VST3 libraries (Windows)


When trying to open the built-in Kontakt 7 plug-in viewer, users may be faced with an unresponsive window that is smaller than normal and cannot be enlarged. See the image below for an example:

1- Finale if Kontakt 7 default view is Single view (bottom-right corner is useless).png


To fix this issue, you will need to adjust the view settings of Kontakt using another DAW. 


1. Quit Finale.

2. Open your DAW (e.g. Logic, Garageband, etc.), create a new instrument track, and load Kontakt 7 into it.

3. Open the Kontakt 7 plug-in and select Rack View from the View menu.

4. Return to the View menu and select Set current view as default.

5. Quit your DAW.

6. Relaunch Finale and open a file using Kontakt 7.

7. Choose MIDI/Audio > Audio Units Banks and Effects.
8. Click the Pencil icon next to Kontakt 7 in the Instrument column. The full plug-in is now visible in the Audio Unit Viewer. (If you select Edit Player in the Sound column of ScoreManager, it will also be visible there).

5- Close and reopen Finale without saving _ now Kontakt 7 is in Rack view and its window size is corrected.png