As of Finale 27.4, when an ending or text repeat is assigned to show on "All Staves", it will be shown on the top staff of every linked part, whether or not that staff's attribute for display of endings and text repeats is set.


If you notice in your score that Finale is not showing repeats (especially ending repeat brackets) on certain staves or if those repeats are not showing in linked parts, you may be encountering the result of one of Finale's default instrument grouping behaviors.


Finale has a global preference that dictates when certain groups of staves should be grouped as an instrument family and therefore alters some attributes of these staves to help delineate the instrument family groups.


In Finale's global preferences (Windows: File > Edit > Preferences || Mac: Finale [version number if any] > Preferences), in the Edit section there is a setting called Automatic Instrument Family Measure numbers and Endings & Text Repeats.


As the name suggests, based on which instruments are in the score and their order, Finale will automatic choose on which staves measure numbers, endings, and text repeats should appear. This option does this automatically by altering some staff attributes. This can sometimes cause confusion when you choose to show repeats on all staves and they only show on the top staff of each group.


This setting can be deactivated, but much of what it does is actually helpful. Instead, it's best to use global staff attributes to setup the staves to show Endings and Text Repeats. Here's how: 

  1. First, open the document in question and choose the Repeat tool .
  2. Right-click (or hold down CONTROL and click for Mac) the small, gray handle on any repeat bracket and choose Edit Repeat Assignment.
  3. In the repeat assignment dialog box that appears choose the All Staves option in the Show On section.

    Note: you can choose Staff List and edit on which staves you would like the repeats to show; however, the repeats will only show on the chosen staves no matter what is changed later in these steps. For more information about staff lists, check out this user manual article: Staff Lists (Windows) || Staff Lists (Mac).

  4. Click OK to close the repeat assignment dialog box.
  5. Choose the Selection tool and then choose Plug-ins > Scoring and Arranging Global Staff Attributes.
  6. In the small window in the upper, left-hand corner of the Global Staff Attributes dialog box, use the SHIFT key and click with your mouse to select all staff names in that list.
  7. Check the box next to the Endings and Text Repeats option in the Items to Display section. Make sure that the box is checked and does not have a hyphen in the checkbox.
  8. Click Apply; click OK to close the Global Staff Attributes dialog box.


Your repeats should now appear on all staves or in all staves selected in the Staff List in the repeat assignment dialog box for step 3.



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    Nick W.

    This issue was resolved with the release of the Finale v27.4 maintenance update.