In order to dedicate resources towards improvements on other tools and functions in Finale, the Tempo Tool has been removed from versions v25.0 and later. Currently, there are no future plans on returning this tool to the program, in lieu of other options already available that can achieve the same results. Depending on the ultimate goal of a particular situation, one of the methods below should serve to provide the same results that would have been achieved with the Tempo Tool.



To create a tempo change at a defined location


Expression Tool

Tempo expressions are the quickest way to add a change in tempo. You can use the Expression Tool to enter a tempo expression at any location in your document. 


To Place a Tempo Expression


You can use one of the tempo expressions provided in the default expression library or you can create your own and define the playback tempo as needed. 


To Define a Tempo Expression for Playback



You can also use the MIDI Tool to define a tempo change at any location in your document. Choose the MIDI Tool, and click on the measure where the tempo change needs to take place. Now go to the MIDI menu and select Tempo. Go back to the MIDI Tool menu and select Set To... the Set To dialog window will open. Enter in the desired tempo in the Set Tempo To field and choose OK. The tempo change will execute at the start of the selected area. You can also use the MIDI Tool to select a partial measure to enter a tempo change on different beats in the measure. 



To create a gradual tempo change 


Expression Tool

Using the Expression Tool you can enter in the tempo alteration expressions available (accel. rit., for example) to create a gradually changing tempo. This increase or decrease the tempo as the document plays. You can enter in a tempo expression at a desired location as a target tempo for the alteration to change the tempo to. 



With the MIDI Tool, you can select a region of measures, then go to the MIDI menu and select Scale, the Scale dialog window opens. Here you can enter in the starting tempo and the tempo in which playback should accelerate or decelerate to. 





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Do note that using both MIDI data and Expressions can cause conflicts (MIDI data will take precedence over the expressions) so be sure that you are aware of which way will be best for you to control the tempo in a particular document and which methods are in use.