All Garritan Instrument installers can be located on your MakeMusic account once your serial number has been registered there. If you are looking for the CFX Concert Grand installer and you do not see the download link on your account, please contact MakeMusic Customer Success with the Submit a Request option above for more information. 



To register a Garritan library, login to your MakeMusic account and choose the Register More Products option from the upper right-hand side and follow the steps on-screen. Once this is completed, the serial number and registration will appear on your My Software page with the installer Download link and the Generate Keycard option, as well. To complete the install process, follow the steps below 



Download your Garritan library from your MakeMusic account. Then locate the Garritan .zip file in your Downloads folder.

  • On Windows, right-click the .zip folder and then select Extract All. Note that an expanded folder of the same name appears in the same location as the original.
  • On Mac, double-click the .zip file.

Install by starting the downloaded, decompressed installer and following the on-screen steps.

  • On Windows, open the extracted folder, and double-click the .exe installer.
  • On Mac, open the expanded library folder and double-click on the .pkg file.

Activate your Garritan library using your personalized virtual keycard which can be downloaded from your MakeMusic account HERE.

  • Click on Generate Keycard at your account.
  • Right-Click or CONTROL+Click on Mac and copy or save the image to your computer. 
  • Launch the stand-alone ARIA Player (CFX Player for the CFX library), then drag this onto the Player.

If you would like to setup your new Garritan library with a Finale notation product please use the link below.


Setting Up Garritan Libraries with Finale.

For additional information on installation or activation of your new Garritan library, please use the knowledge base article links below.


Setup and Installation


Sales and Activation