The latest Finale release v26.2 (and later) is packaged with the ARIA Player and Engine version 1.959. Linked below is the stand-alone installer for this release. This is backwards compatible and will work with all files and products that install 1.872 and earlier.


Please note that documents and files created or saved using this updated ARIA Engine will require this engine moving forward. If you open these files on a system where an older engine is installed, you will need to either install this update or reassign the sound samples.





Once the installer has finished, make sure to restart your computer. If you encounter any issues with this installer or updating does not resolve any previous issues, please use the Submit a Request button above to reach Customer Support directly.


Users that currently have a previous ARIA Player installed please be aware that this installer does not remove the application version that you currently have installed and any shortcuts or aliases will no longer work. 


Mac users also note that this update will place a new stand-alone ARIA Player application icon in your Applications folder. The contents of the Garritan ARIA Player folder from previous installations will no longer work and can be deleted.