macOS 11 Big Sur


After thorough testing on macOS 11 Big Sur, we have determined that Finale v26.3.1 is compatible with this OS. We are not aware of any major issues that prevent the program from operating as expected. There are, however, a few minor cosmetic issues that are present and we will continue to work with Apple to address these. For more information on these, visit the articles linked below.


 Apple Silicon M1 Chip 


After thorough testing with Finale v26.3 on Apple's latest M1 silicon chip based computers, we have not found any issues that will prevent the program from working as expected. Finale is not currently Apple Silicon native though and must be used through Apple's Rosetta 2 technology. 


If you rely on third-party plug-ins and hardware while using Finale, it is recommended to check with the manufacturers of these products for their specific guidelines regarding macOS 11 and Apple Silicon M1.


macOS 11 known issues:

Playback Settings Expand Arrow Not Visible

Arrow Selection Button Displays Incorrectly


All previous versions of Finale (v25 and earlier) are not compatible with operating systems beyond macOS 10.14 Mojave. No updates will be issued and these releases will continue to remain in their current state.


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