At their most recent Worldwide Developers Conference, as expected, Apple announced the upcoming macOS 11 Big Sur. The new operating system will certainly have an impact on all software for the Mac platform, and Finale is no exception.


During the beta cycle for the new macOS, we have been testing Finale’s compatibility and working closely with Apple to ensure the best possible user experience. So far, our results have been very promising and we will continue to monitor the changes from Apple closely.


However, as of this writing, macOS 11 has not yet been publicly released and is still a beta operating system. For this reason,  we do not recommend updating to Big Sur if you rely on Finale. Although our testing has not revealed any major problems, we are remaining vigilant about any potential workflow and productivity disruptions. 


We are working to make sure that Finale v26 will provide an excellent experience with macOS 11 and we will publish more information as developments warrant. Be sure to follow this article to get updates as they become available. 


All previous versions of Finale (v25 and earlier) are not compatible with operating systems beyond macOS 10.14 Mojave. No updates will be issued and these releases will continue to remain in their current state.