We've been testing Finale 26.3.1 with macOS Big Sur on both Intel Macs and Apple's Silicon development kits for several months. Throughout this time, we worked closely with Apple to address any issues running Finale. At this point in time, we're aware of one cosmetic issue isolated to the new macOS. To our knowledge, everything else after a full Finale install looks good at this point using Big Sur on both Intel Macs and Apple Silicon Macs running Finale with Rosetta 2.


In recent years, the version of macOS that reaches the public has been known to change compared to the final beta versions provided to developers, so we'll start our final testing this Thursday (Nov. 12th) with the official public release when it becomes available. We will continue to test as needed and make a final determination on compatibility as soon as possible.


Although our testing has not revealed any major problems, we are remaining vigilant about any potential workflow and productivity disruptions. For this reason, we do not recommend updating to Big Sur if you rely on Finale until all testing is complete. 



All previous versions of Finale (v25 and earlier) are not compatible with operating systems beyond macOS 10.14 Mojave. No updates will be issued and these releases will continue to remain in their current state.


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    David Cusick

    Updated, 11/11/2020