The Finale and PrintMusic 2014.5 QuickStart videos may no longer be accessible for users following the start of this year (January 1, 2021). These videos were originally created using Adobe's Flash Player which is no longer supported by the company. This means that some web browsers may block these videos from playing. 


For some users that already have the Flash Player extension installed, the videos may be accessible by allowing the browser to open the player. This can be done by clicking on the Flash icon on the QuickStart Video page or clicking the blocked extension icon in the browsers address bar and managing the Flash Player preferences. 




Alternatively, users can reference the current Finale v26 QuickStart Videos instead of these. These videos may present some interface and feature differences between the 2014.5 products and the current version but the main concepts are similar.


Finale v26 QuickStart Video Tutorials for Windows

Finale v26 QuickStart Video Tutorials for Mac