In general, loading an Intel plug-in in an Apple silicon native host program can cause unexpected results, including crashing. If you are experiencing issues with the ARIA Player or CFX Player within a DAW on an Apple silicon Mac, it is important to make sure the host and the plug-in are either both Apple silicon-native or are both running via Rosetta 2.


The Garritan ARIA Player was recently updated to be Apple silicon native. If you are using the ARIA Player with an Apple silicon native DAW, make sure to update to the latest ARIA Player version: ARIA Player version 2.001 (Apple Silicon Native).


On the other hand, the CFX Concert Grand and CFX Lite players are currently Intel Only. These players require Rosetta 2 to run on Apple silicon Macs, and the host program in which they are loaded will also need to run via Rosetta to ensure normal operation.


Depending on the product and version, some DAWs may have both an Apple silicon option and an Intel option. Specifically, the latest versions of Logic Pro, Digital Performer, and Ableton Live are Universal Binary apps that can run natively on Apple silicon or via Rosetta. (This list is not exhaustive.) When using CFX Concert Grand or CFX Lite with a Universal Binary DAW, make sure to choose "Open using Rosetta" from the DAW's Info window:

  1. Quit the DAW program.
  2. Navigate to your Applications folder.
  3. CONTROL-click on the DAW app, and choose Get Info.
  4. Under General, check the box to Open using Rosetta.
  5. Relaunch the DAW.

Contact your DAW's manufacturer for more details on Mac compatibility and guidelines on using Apple silicon native or Intel plug-ins.