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I want to add finger snaps to a jazz comp I’m working on. Finale doesn’t have the sound. Is there a free or low cost VST plugin out there that includes finger snaps? If not, I do have wav files with finger snaps. Is there a simple tool to take the wav file and create a simple finger snap VST plug in? Thanks!

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The Aria Player supports Sound Fonts and sFz formats — plenty of those out there cheap or free.


I really like the Claps, Stomps and Snaps Bundle from BOZ. You can buy the entire bundle from BOZ or individual components. Still includes VST2 as well as AU and VST3. 


For Mac Users over M1, M2 etc., this bundle is not AS Native yet. The only way it will work with Finale is if everything is running over Rosetta II (not an issue for Intel Macs).



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