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My document can't be saved. I get this message: Finale - Error occurred. ID = -2

my system is iOS 10.10.5 and I use Finale

I'm scared to close the document now.


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Please specify the steps you’ve already taken (to solve the problem), so that we can rule out things.


I have some suggestions, but I do not know whether you already have tried these steps:


1) Selection Tool.

Select All.


Create a fresh new document, and Paste all the music into the new document.


2) Export as a MusicXML file (File menu > Export > MusicXML…), then import the MusicXML file into a fresh, new document.


3) Use the Graphics Tool to export the document as a PDF file.


To avoid that the problem happens again, you could try some prophylactic steps (it could not hurt to try them):

Quit Finale.

Re-boot the computer.

Remove Finale’s Preferences file.

Launch Finale.

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If nothing else, take screen shots of each page. You’ll have a starting point if all else fails.

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