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Would someone in the mothership please tell me, in what circumstance would you want new pages added to your score in a size or layout different from the pages you have been working on? 


It seems to me that continuing the same size should be the default, rather than having to go back, and choosing to update the score layout for new pages.


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It is not clear, what steps you are following, and what you want Finale to do.


The default formatting for the score’s new systems/pages is defined here:

Document menu > Page Format > Score…


The following is just me guessing:


1) You open a template, and create a new document, right?

The new document has the same default formatting settings for new systems/pages as the template. And the already existing systems/pages in the new document are formatted with these default settings.

2) You realise that you need a different layout, and you change the formatting of the already existing pages, right?

3) However, the settings in Page Format for Score are not automatically updated with your new layout.

Hence all new pages get the same default layout as the first pages had, before you - in step 2) - changed the layout, right?

4) In Other Words:

You would prefer that Finale monitors your step 2) above, and automatically updates the settings in Page Format for Score, right?


Finale can do that.

It is a setting in the Page Layout menu:

Page Layout menu > Update Page Format for Score



{Update Page Format for Score} is a program specific setting, not a document specific setting.

When you have finished your document, you might prefer de-selecting {Update Page Format for Score} before you begin working on another document.

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Thanks for that, Peter. But I’m still curious as to who ever thought this was better than having it work this way out of the box.

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… I’m still curious as to who ever thought this was better than having it work this way out of the box …


Actually {Update Page Format for Score} was selected by default many Finale versions ago.

And a lot of users complained about it:

“ … I customised the layout on page 3 in my score. Now, as more pages are added to the document, the new pages (= page 7 and 8) are formatted like page 3! Why would you ever want that? It seems to me that the default formatting for new pages should remain the same, also after you customise the layout of a single page …”


Quoting Wiggy’s Law:

For every Finale user who eagerly desires a feature, there's another user who wants it turned off.

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