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Hi Everyone 

Is there anyone who can help me  how to write this type of notation. It belongs to an Turkish Instrument called 'The Baglama'

The same two notes ( like writing a chord)

Thank You


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Document Options > Music Spacing > Avoid Collision Of > Unisons > None


Enter the first note A, tap the 1 key to enter the unison, tap the 5 key to add the interval above.



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Emre Akkuş,


Are you using the Simple Entry Tool or the Speedy Entry Tool?

I suppose that you are not entering music via a MIDI keyboard, right?


To enter a chord in Simple Entry, first enter one chord note (let us say the bottom note).

While the note is selected, hit a number key to add a chord note above the selected note.

to add a unison, hit the number 1 key, (Simple menu > Simple Edit Commands > Add Interval > Unison)

to add a second, hit the number 2 key,

to add a third, hit the number 3 key,



The keyboard shortcuts in Simple Entry can be customized.

Hence the keyboard shortcuts may - or may not - be the number keys.

You will have to examine/edit the shortcuts:

Simple menu > Simple Entry Options > Edit Keyboard Shortcuts…

You can make your own shortcut table(s).


To enter a chord in Speedy Entry, first enter one chord note.

to add another chord note, position the crosshair on (the rhythmical position of) the first note, and move the crosshair to the scale step of the next chord note.


Speedy menu > Speedy Edit Commands > Add Note (but remember the keyboard shortcut shown in the sub-menu)


Unfortunately this method does not let you add a unison.

Instead, add a second, and use the mouse to drag the note vertically.

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Thank you very much I appreciate it. finally i  could do it. 

I use speedy entry but i guess the shortcut doesn't work with speedy entry. When i hit key 1 to enter a unison it changed the note to 64th note in both speedy and simple menus. I later cusomised it from Edit Keyboard Shortcuts. But i guess it only works while using simple entry :)  it doesn't matter the problem is solved thanks tou you both.

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