The most common cause of this crash is a particular configuration of MIDI settings that interact poorly with one another.


Namely if you have a file that...

  1. Is set to play through MIDI (MIDI/Audio > Play Finale Through MIDI).
  2. You are playing back through a MIDI System. In other words the MIDI System option is selected from the Playback To drop-down menu in MIDI Setup (MIDI/Audio > Device Setup > MIDI/Internal Speaker Setup).
  3. You have MIDI Thru (MIDI/Audio > Device Setup > MIDI Thru) set to Off.


If you have this type of MIDI configuration and start using Simple Entry you will eventually receive the error depicted below:



After this error the program will most likely begin crashing anytime you try to access a document that is set to play through MIDI.


The best way to resolve this is to create a new document with the Setup Wizard (File > New > Document With Setup Wizard) which plays through Audio Units by default, and then choose another option for MIDI Thru (MIDI/Audio Device SetupMIDI Thru). In most cases, choosing the Fixed Channel option and choosing a channel well out of the range of your keyboards configured bank (128 is the maximum) should prevent any adverse effects with MIDI Thru.


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