In later versions of Finale (2014 and later) on the Mac operating system there is an issue with playback controls where playback will begin from the most recently paused at measure, regardless of navigation or playback region setting.


This issue only occurs when the spacebar is used to start and pause playback. Using the mouse does not cause this behavior.


Other potential workarounds include:

  1. Utilizing the spacebar+click method to start playback on whichever measure is clicked. The playback controls palette needs to be closed for this to work, and Human Playback is not activated via this method.
  2. Utilizing Scroll View and/or the Leftmost Measure playback region setting which are exceptions to the behavior described in the summary paragraph.


Our development team has been informed about this issue; it is the hope of our Finale development team to update our playback controls and unify their functionality between the Windows and Mac versions of Finale. Currently, no timeframe for this improvement is yet available.


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