Using COMMAND+OPTION+SHIFT shortcuts crashes Finale for Mac

Using the COMMAND+OPTION+SHIFT+[number row] shortcut in Simple Entry can cause Finale to crash. 


One useful workaround is to actually change the keyboard shortcut set that you are using to the laptop keyboard shortcut set. If you are using an extended keyboard with a number pad, you don't have to change the shortcut set, you can use the number pad buttons (press 5 for quarter note, 4 for eighth note, etc.) to change note durations, rather than using the number row with modifier keys.


Changing Simple Entry's keyboard shortcut set

  1. Open any document in Finale.
  2. Select the Simple Entry tool.
  3. Choose Simple > Simple Entry Options.
  4. Click the Edit Keyboard Shortcuts button; the Edit Keyboard Shortcuts dialog box appears.
  5. Choose the Laptop Shortcut Table option from the Select drop-down menu in the Keyboard Shortcut Set section.
  6. Click OK; click OK again to return to your score.

Now you do not have to use the modifier keys to change note durations in Simple Entry, you can just use the number keys on the number row by themselves. What about adding intervals? The function keys (F1, F2, etc.) can do that now.


You can return to the Edit Keyboard Shortcut dialog box anytime to investigate the other shortcuts in the Laptop Shortcut Table, you can also find them listed here.


If the crashing persists, please feel free to contact Customer Success.

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