In these cases, Finale will appear to launch and then quit unexpectedly, preventing you from using the program. Instead of an error message from Finale itself, you will see the generic crash message from Mac, which can appear when any app crashes.





It may be that this is caused by the presence of an audio driver from the Webex application. Deleting the audio driver for Webex should solve the issue, if the driver is present. If it is not present, please check out the linked guides at the bottom of the article for further possible causes.

  1. Close Finale and any other open programs (this email can stay open).
  2. Open a Finder window.
  3. Choose Go > Go to Folder from the menu at the top of your screen.
  4. Copy/paste or type in the following directory:
    • /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/HAL
  5. Drag the CiscoAudioDevice.driver folder to the Trash.
  6. Empty the Trash.
  7. Restart your computer.
  8. Relaunch Finale and test to see if the problem is solved.

Note that deleting this driver will not affect your ability to use the Webex application. These audio drivers are only used when you are sharing sound during a Webex screen-share.


If this does not solve the crashing issue (or if you don’t find the relevant plug-in folder in step 5), the problem is likely due to something else. Here’s some other articles to check out. If they don’t solve the issue (and you are running v26 or v27), please contact us by clicking Submit a request at the top of this page.