Finale users may encounter a known bug when using the Vertical Collision Remover plug-in in a document containing lyrics. Upon running the plug-in, the following error message is presented, usually preceding a crash of Finale. 


Unknown Lyrics Tag Detected Error Message


Our developers are aware this is an issue and are working towards a solution. In the meantime, the following steps detail the recommended workaround:

  1. Open your Finale file.
  2. Choose Edit > Edit Filter.
  3. Select None and then check the box next to Lyrics.
  4. Select OK.
  5. In the Edit menu, make sure Use Filter is checked.
  6. Press COMMAND+A (Mac) or CTRL+A (Windows) to select all. You may also select the region you wish to copy using the Selection Tool.
  7. While the region of lyrics is highlighted, press COMMAND+C (Mac) or CTRL+C (Windows) to copy the lyrics.
  8. Keeping the region highlighted, choose Edit > Clear Selected Items.
  9. Click None and then check the box next to Lyrics.
  10. Click OK.
  11. Run the Vertical Collision Remover Plug-in.
  12. After doing so, click the first measure where the lyrics began and press COMMAND+V (Mac) or CTRL+V (Windows) to paste the lyrics back in.