Finale 2014.5, a free maintenance update for Finale 2014 owners, and later are no longer restricted to playback at 44.1 kHz and can play at any sample rate supported by the selected audio output device. Additionally, beginning with 2014.5, Finale automatically selects another output device rather than crashing when audio devices are removed. Click here for information on Finale 2014.5.


Finale 2014d and earlier versions are only compatible with speakers and sound cards that support 16-bit/44.1k. Some devices, such as many Bose speakers, only support a sample rate of 48k. If possible, try to select 44.1 for your device (not all devices will allow this).


For Windows:

  1. Hold down the WINDOWS key and type 'Sound' then press ENTER. The Sound Control panel opens.
  2. Click on your audio device and click the Properties button.
  3. Click the Advanced tab and select "16 bit, 44100" (sometimes called CD Quality).
  4. Click Apply and OK twice to close both windows then try launching Finale.

For Mac:

  1. Open Finder choose Go > Utilities and open Audio MIDI Setup.
  2. Choose Window > Show Audio Devices (if you see Window > Hide Audio Devices, skip this step).
  3. Click on your device.
  4. Choose "44100.0 Hz" and "2ch-16bit Integer" (you may need to do this for both the Input and Output tabs).
  5. Now try launching Finale.