This issue has been resolved in Finale versions 2014 and later.


We are aware of a problem with certain document styles that use the Engraver fonts. Because of the spacing in the names of these fonts, Finale is unable to find them and include them in the PDF. There are several ways around this problem. You can use a third-party PDF creator to make your PDF files, or you can replace the fonts.


To replace the fonts:

  1. Go to Document > Data Check > Font Utilities.
  2. Click Search for this font and click Select.
  3. Type Engraver Font Set (with the spaces. Since this font is incorrect, it will not appear in the list. Type it in and click OK.)
  4. Click the Select button for Replace Font With and choose "EngraverFontSet" (no space) and click OK.
  5. Click Apply to Fonts in Shapes.
  6. Click OK.

Repeat these steps with the other two fonts.

If you have multiple files with this problem, you can use FinaleScript to speed up this process:

  1. Download the attached file ( and extract the file engraverfontfix.xml
  2. Navigate to the FinaleScript folder:
    • Windows XP: C:\Documents and Settings\[your user account  name]\Application Data*\MakeMusic\Finale [your version number]\FinaleScript
    • (* = Application Data is a hidden folder. To show hidden files and folders, go into Explorer's Tools Menu, Folder Options, the View tab, and "Show hidden files and folders.")
    • Windows Vista/7/8/10: C:\Users\[your user account name]\AppData*\Roaming\MakeMusic\Finale [your version number]\FinaleScript
    • (* = AppData is a hidden folder. To show hidden files and folders, go into Explorer's Organize Menu, Folder and Search Options, the View tab, and "Show hidden files and folders.")
  3. Place engraverfontfix.xml in this folder.
  4. Launch Finale and open the file.
  5. Go to Plug-ins > FinaleScript > FinaleScript Palette.
  6. Choose Engraver Font Fix and press the Play button in the FinaleScript window to run the script.

To avoid this problem for future documents, download the attached Document Styles (Orchestra, Engraved Style and Choral) and follow the steps below to replace the old document styles with the new ones.

  1. Download the folder attached to this article. Place it on your desktop.
  2. Right-click the folder and choose Extract All; a new folder window appears named FixedEngraverDocumentStyles. Move this window off to the side for later use.
  3. Close any open version of Finale.
  4. Right-click on your desktop background and choose New Folder.
  5. Name the folder OldDocumentStyles. We will use this folder to store the old document styles, rather than deleting them.
  6. Hold down the WINDOWS key on your computer keyboard and press the letter R at the same time to open the Run dialog box.
  7. Type in:
    %appdata%\MakeMusic\Finale 2012\Music Files\Document Styles

Note: If you are using a version of Finale other than 2012, please replace 2012 in the directory above with your version number.

  1. Click OK.
  2. Open the Choral folder; click and drag the Choral (Engraver) file to the OldDocumentStyles folder on your desktop.
  3. Go back one folder level to the Document Styles folder.
  4. Open the General folder; click and drag the Engraved Style (Engraver Font) file to the OldDocumentStyles folder on your desktop.
  5. Go back one folder level to the Document Styles folder.
  6. Open the Orchestral folder; click and drag the Orchestra (Engraver) file to the OldDocumentStyles folder on your desktop.
  7. Go back one folder level to the Document Styles folder.
  8. After removing the old document style files, bring the FixedEngraverDocumentStyles window from step two back into view so that your Document Styles folder window and the FixedEngraverDocumentStyles window are side-by-side.
  9. In the Document Styles folder window, open the Choral folder.
  10. Copy and paste the Choral (Engraver) document style file from the FixedEngraverDocumentStyle window into the Choral folder.
  11. Repeat steps 9 and 10, copying and pasting the Engraved Style (Engraver Font) file into the General folder and the Orchestra (Engraver) file to the Orchestral folder.
  12. Once you have copied the new document style files from the FixedEngraverDocumentStyles folder into their appropriate folder in Document Styles, please close those folder windows.
  13. Relaunch Finale, create new documents using these document styles, and export them to PDF to see if the issue has been resolved.