Webroot Secure Keyboard

There is an issue with Webroot Secure Anywhere that can disable certain keyboard functions in Finale (including scrubbing playback and metatools). Some customers have reported that turning off the "Secure Keyboard" feature in Webroot restores this functionality in Finale.


If turning off "Secure Keyboard" is not apparent or seems unavailable, you can deactivate Webroot using the options that appear when right-clicking on the Webroot icon in the system tray (lower, right-hand corner of the screen). Doing this and then relaunching Finale will restore metatool and special mouse click functionality. 


If you would like to remove Webroot, please reference Webroot's documentation or contact Webroot's support team for more information.

Windows 10 laptop touchpad settings 

This issue can also happen to users who have a Windows laptop computer with a touchpad.


There is a feature on many Windows laptops that will disable touchpads while typing on the keyboard, thereby disabling keyboard shortcuts like metatools and the Spacebar + Click function. This feature may be disabled with the assistance of your computer's manufacturer.