In some cases, Finale will crash on launch with the message "Unhandled exception caught."



In these cases, the cause is most often related to iCloud interference with the Documents folder. Please follow the steps below to make sure that the Desktop & Documents folder is not synced to iCloud and is named properly.


Note: these steps might vary slightly depending on the operating system.

  1. Select  > System Settings... (or System Preferences...) from the Apple Menu on the left side of your menu bar.
  2. Select Internet Accounts > iCloud iCloud Drive.
  3. Turn off Desktop & Documents Folders.

  4. Select Turn Off in the following menu.

  5. Select Done.
  6. Open a new Finder Window.
  7. Press COMMAND + SHIFT +  H to open the Home folder of your current user account.
  8. Press COMMAND + SHIFT + . (dot) to show hidden folders.
  9. Delete the Documents Alias (you can skip to Step 10 if this does not appear).
    • An Alias is indicated by the black arrow symbol in the bottom left corner of an icon:

  10. Rename the Documents - [your computer name] to Documents.
  11. Launch Finale.

If the issue persists at this point, contact MakeMusic Customer support by clicking Submit a request at the top of this page.