In order to record into Finale's audio track, please keep in mind the following two items before attempting to record:

  1. Finale's Human Playback function must be deactivated (MIDI/Audio > Human Playback > None) before recording. After recording you may reactivate Human Playback.
  2. Your audio device must be set to use a 16-bit 44100 Hz sample rate. On Windows, this has to be done through the Properties section of your system's Playback Devices window (right-click the system tray and choose Playback Devices). On Mac, you can control the sample rate from Finale's Audio Setup menu (MIDI/Audio > Device Setup > Audio Setup).

For more information on how to record into Finale's audio track, please check out the user manual articles below:


Record an audio track (Windows)

Record and audio track (Mac)