The SmartScore Lite scanning feature in Finale 2014.5 is a third-party plug-in created by Musitek. MakeMusic had partnered with them in order to provide this feature in the Finale 2014.5 software and several previous versions (this has been removed altogether in Finale v25). Due to the fact that this is a third-party plug-in, we are limited to the amount of troubleshooting resources that we can provide when dealing with issues that may arise during it's use.


For general information and tips about scanning, please see the Finale User Manual links below: 


Scanning macOS


Scanning Windows


There are two common issues that users encounter when working with scanned images. 


Given the age of the current version of the plug-in, this may have difficulty or be unable to connect with your scanner. If your scanner is not detected by SmartScore, the next best option is to scan the document onto your computer as a TIFF image file first, then import the image file into Finale using the SmartScore TIFF import option.  


If you are having issues importing a particular TIFF file, please make sure that the scan is clear and readable and it is at least 300 dpi. In most cases, if the program freezes or a scan continues to try importing a file indefinitely, this is due to a poor scan quality or a low, inadequate dpi.