In some situations users can experience Finale's playback sounds going out of tune or appear to be playing in an incorrect key. In most cases, this is caused by unwanted MIDI information changing the properties of the playback device. If you are using an external MIDI device this can typically be the cause of the issue. 


To fully diagnose and resolve the issue:


  1. First close Finale and disconnect any external MIDI devices.
  2. Then relaunch Finale and open your document.
  3. Test playback.


If this is still out of tune, MIDI data may have been written into the file that may need to be removed. 


 To clear MIDI data:

  1. Choose the Selection tool
  2. Choose Edit > Select All
  3. Choose Edit > Clear Selected Items
  4. Click the 'None' button (at the bottom of the dialog box)
  5. Select the MIDI Data check box (this will also check the three sub-boxes)
  6. Click the 'OK' button.


If the out of tune playback still persists, next reassign playback sounds by going to the MIDI/Audio menu and selecting Reassign Playback Sounds.


Note that if you are using third-party VSTs or Audio Units, these will need to be reassigned manually. 


If you are still encountering issues with the pitch of the playback sounds, please contact Customer Success by clicking on the Submit a Request link above.