We are aware of a small issue with Finale notation products and macOS 12 Monterey where the Times font can report as selected and also missing when it is actually installed and not is use. This is an OS based issue, present only in macOS 12, and we are working with Apple to resolve this. 


This issue can be found in several locations in Finale. An example of this can be seen by going to  Document > Document Options > Fonts.


First, select Text Block from the Text drop-down menu. Notice that Times New Roman 12 plain is currently set as the font. Please Note that this is the font that this actually selected.


Now, click the Set Font option for the Text drop-down. Notice that this menu now shows that Times Italic is selected reported as "Missing." This is not correct as Times and Times New Roman are not ordered correctly in the font selection lists and dialogs. 


Selecting Times > Italic in most font selection locations will set Times New Roman Regular as the selected font. This incorrect ordering may also cause several fonts after Times to be affected as well and may cause some confusion on what font is being used.