Finale v26 and earlier are not compatible with the SMuFL-compliant fonts introduced in Finale v27. This can cause display issues when working back and forth between Finale v27 and older versions of the program. 


Finale v27 using SMuFL-compliant, Finale Maestro


Finale v26 using SMuFL-compliant font, Finale Maestro. Shows incorrect time signature in the file


You will need to create a MusicXML file from your original SMuFL-compliant document in order to create a file that Finale v26 (and earlier) can work with:

  1. Launch Finale v27 and open the file that you’d like to open in v26 (or earlier)
  2. Select File > Export > MusicXML
  3. Save the MusicXML file to your Desktop

You can then take these steps to open this file in the previous version of Finale:

  1. Select File > Import > MusicXML
  2. Select the MusicXML file that was previously saved to your Desktop